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Spring 2021
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DACTS is now open for consultations for Spring

Become a Consultant

Want to become Digital Studio Consultant (“Digiteer”)?

Digital Studio Consultants at the University Digital ACT Studio provide collaborative, dialogue-based consultations, workshop presentations, and orientation tours. At the Digital ACT Studio, we conduct individual and group consultations. The goal of the Digital Act Studio is to help people become better designers and consult with designers on how to use technology meaningfully.


  • Provide feedback during the composing, creation, and editing phases,
  • Help designers with ideas, organization, storyboarding and planning, determining the best platform or software for their project, design, style, and much more.
  • Help designers determine whether or not they are effectively reaching their audience,
  • Prompt designers to think about their rhetorical choices (audience, purpose, and context),
  • Provide feedback on visual elements and aesthetic design.

The Digital ACT Studio strives to provide professionally trained faculty and student staff to help faculty create appropriate, pedagogically effective digital assignments and to help students make their digital assignments more rhetorically and aesthetically compelling.

How to Become a Digiteer

Undergraduate students interested in becoming a Digital Studio Consultant must complete ENG 391, the academic course of study attached to our hands-on training.

ENG 391 (Studies in Digital Studio Theory and Practice) is a course that allows students to explore the principles of digital literacy and multimodal design, to produce and critique multimedia projects, and to learn the best practices for providing helpful feedback. This course gives students the opportunity to have first-hand experience of working as a consultant, bridging the gap between academic theory and effective practice in a professional setting.

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