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Instructional Support Video Request

On occasion, the Digital ACT Studio will produce instructional support videos that cover a digital topic at the request of an instructor or for a particular project. In the past, some of the videos we have created are “Scheduling a Meeting in Google Meet” and “Embedding Videos in PowerPoint.” Before requesting one, please look through our YouTube channel and our Resources page in order to see if we already have produced the type of material you’re looking for.

If you do have a need for an instructional support video, we are happy to field the request and see if we are able to produce something that would work for both the Digital ACT Studio and the specific course or project as well. Please submit requests early and recognize that this is not a primary function of the Digital ACT Studio. Also, we prioritize creating such videos for courses that require their students to use the Digital ACT Studio for consultations.

To submit a request, please email digitalactstudio@uncg.edu.

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