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Fall 2017
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Closed Nov. 22-26; Re-open Monday, Nov. 27 at 10am

Online Consultations

Online Consultations are another option to have a collaborative session with engaged feedback from a consultant about a digital project. We use simultaneous screen-sharing, through WebEx, and microphones to have a conversation with a student or faculty member about their work. The Digital ACT Studio is committed to meeting designers where they are in a project. However, with online sessions, it might be more useful to have a product to discuss, rather than for brainstorming purposes.

To set up an Online Session:

  1. First, please make an appointment with The Digital ACT Studio, using our Appointments page. Appointments can be 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  2. Once you have successfully made an appointment with a consultant, you will receive an email reminding you of your session.
  3. NOTE: Online sessions include screen sharing capabilities, which allow designers and consultants to work simultaneously on a digital project. Sharing your screen does not allow the consultant to have any clickable access whatsoever to your personal computer or information, but is merely a visual to allow for viewing a project and for having an effective, collaborative consultation. Additionally, consultations will be recorded for our records to ensure that our consultants are doing their job correctly and for future training of consultants. This information will not be shared outside the studio.

Before your session:

  • For the best possible session, please make sure you have specific questions in mind that you will want to discuss, as well as having your project ready on your screen to share.
  • The consultant you will be working with will send you a link to their “Room” in WebEx. You will need to download a temporary version of WebEx to your computer to use the software.
  • Click the link in your email and follow the steps for downloading a temporary version of WebEx. There will be a link at the bottom of your page allowing you to download. Click ALLOW.

Using WebEx:

  • The consultant will have started your session, but you will need to SHARE your screen in order for the consultant to view your work.
  • You have access to Chat and Audio communication with the consultant. These will be presented as clickable boxes in the home-screen of the WebEx interface.
  • There is an option for using colored markers as tools to highlight aspects of your project.
  • Please feel free to chat with the consultant, or email beforehand, if there are any questions or problems you are having with the technology.

After your session:

  • Hopefully you have had a great experience with your consultant at the Digital ACT Studio! We ask that you please fill out the survey that your consultant will send to you via email attachment. Your valued feedback helps us improve our services and understand how to be more effective in consultations.
  • Please feel free to make another appointment with us with your current project, or future assignments!
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