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Poster Printing

For the 2020-2021 Academic Year, DACTS is not able to offer poster printing for the UNCG community. However, this page remains to describe the process we fully intend to resume in Fall 2021.

Members of the UNCG community can print posters at DACTS. The printer (an HP DesignJet T730) can print a maximum of 36 inches wide and many feet long. Before printing a poster with DACTS, however, it’s always recommended that the poster designer schedule a consultation with a DACTS consultant ( to review the design of the poster. This consultation is not required, only recommended.

The general process for having a poster printed is as follows:

  1. Submit your poster to be printed via e-mail (, in-person on a USB drive, or shared via a Google Drive/Box link that is emailed to
  2. Indicate the dimensions of your poster in inches either in the email submission or by putting them in the file name (e.g. DACTS Poster 36×48.pdf).
  3. We will need probably 24 hours to print the poster.
  4. You will receive an e-mail when your poster is ready to be picked up.
  5. Pay for your poster using Spartan Cash (departments can pay using an Interdepartmental Banfin); we will not release posters without payment and only accept Spartan Cash from individuals.

Detailed information on formatting and printing can be found below, but for brevity:

  • we prefer that posters be submitted as PDFs;
  • our standard setting is to print at 300dpi;
  • our printer does not do borderless or full-bleed printing (there will always be 0.25 inches of white space around the edges);
  • a standard poster of 36 inches tall and 48 inches wide costs $20.

NB: The Digital ACT Studio is not a print shop. It’s an academic center that happens to have a printer that people we work with sometimes would like to use. We will notify you as soon as possible if there are any issues with printing; however, our equipment may break or print jobs may fail. Please plan accordingly and do not wait until the last minute.


To offset the price of paper, ink, and printer maintenance, the Digital ACT Studio charges the cost of printing a poster. The width will always be 36 inches wide. For heavyweight coated paper, the cost for length will be $5 per foot, charged in $1.25 increments (per 3 inches). For glossy photo paper, the cost will be $7 per foot, charged in $1.75 increments. To calculate total cost, take the length in inches, divide by 3, round up any fraction, multiply by either $1.25 for heavyweight coated (matte) paper or $1.75 for glossy photo paper.

To avoid using a calculator, please consult the table below.

Length (36″ by…) Heavyweight Coated (Matte) Glossy Photo
12″ $5 $7
13″-15″ $6.25 $8.75
16″-18″ $7.50 $10.50
19″-21″ $8.75 $12.25
22″-24″ $10 $14
25″-27″ $11.25 $15.75
28″-30″ $12.50 $17.50
31″-33″ $13.75 $19.25
34″-36″ $15 $21
37″-39″ $16.25 $22.75
40″-42″ $17.50 $24.5
43″-45″ $18.75 $26.25
46″-48″ $20 $28
49″-51″ $21.25 $29.75
52″-54″ $22.50 $31.50


DACTS only accepts two forms of payment: Spartan Cash and Interdepartmental Banfins. Most will pay with Spartan Cash. You can load your UNCG ID Card with Spartan Cash either online at or via the Spartan Cash machine located near the checkout desk on the first level of Jackson Library.

Interdepartmental Banfins must be arranged via the director, Dr. Vaughn Stewart, in advance via email ( with the person in charge of those departmental funds.

For failed or problematic printing—such as part of the poster not printing, torn paper, ink spills—the designer is not responsible for any charges. The poster will be recycled and printed again to get it right. DACTS will notify the poster designer of any issues in the process as quickly as possible. In other words, if our printer messes up and we have to print out your poster 4 times, you’ll still only be responsible for the cost of one poster.

For other issues that are in the submitted file—typos, low-res images, stray lines or dots, misaligned elements, small text—the poster designer is responsible for paying any charges. If, for example, you discover a typo on your poster after you submitted the file, you will be responsible for paying for the printing of the original poster with the typo on it. We will not re-print a poster until the first poster is paid for. Once you submit a file for printing, we will try to print it as quickly as possible, and we will not make any corrections to that file at all before printing. Please make sure that your poster is finalized before you request that it be printed.


Make sure that your poster is FINAL before submitting it. Once you submit it, we will try to print it as quickly as possible. We will print what you send us and make absolutely no changes to the material. Any typos, errors, or low-resolution images in the file will be printed; the submitter will be responsible for payment of printing that file, regardless of errors in that file.

DACTS prefers posters to be submitted via e-mail to ( Alternatively, files can be dropped off on a USB drive, which will be returned when the submitter picks up the final poster. For larger posters, please upload the file to a UNCG file sharing service (iSpartan Google Drive) or Box; create a shareable link from that file sharing service and send it to

The most flexible format to submit your poster in is PDF; that is DACTS preferred format. We will accept other formats, such as PowerPoint (.pptx) file or an image file (JPG, PNG, or TIFF). For PowerPoint files, please be aware that certain formatting or fonts may break when opening the PowerPoint file on another computer. Even when fonts have been embedded, certain formatting may still break. For image files, please be aware that the resolution on standard computers is only a small fraction of the overall poster. A standard computer screen is 1920 pixels across and 1080 pixels tall; a standard poster is the equivalent of 14,400 pixels across and 10,800 pixels tall. The poster has 75 times as much detail as a normal computer screen.

The most common error found in posters is that people have used images on the poster that have been blown up too far and appear blurry or pixelated. As mentioned above the resolution on a poster is exponentially higher than on a computer screen. To find the maximum size an image can be on your poster before image quality degrades, please divide the resolution in pixels by 300. For example, a 2000-pixel wide and 3000-pixel tall image could only be a maximum size of 6.66 inches wide and 10 inches tall. If it is printed larger, the quality will start to degrade. This degradation, however, is relative, and small enlargements past that size will likely be fine. That same image at the size of 8 inches wide and 12 inches tall will probably look fine. At 24 inches wide and 36 inches tall, it will look terrible.

Technical Printing Information

The printer is an HP DesignJet T730. We generally print at 300dpi unless instructed to print otherwise. Please be aware that printing at higher dpi’s can lead to more failed printing, so we’d like to know that there’s a particular reason for printing above 300dpi.

The printer cannot do full-bleed or borderless printing. There will always be a 0.25 inch border of white around the edges where the print head won’t reach.

We also only have 36-inch wide rolls of paper. We will print either portrait or landscape, whichever costs less and is the most efficient use of space. In other words, we will print a 24-inch wide and 36-inch tall poster out portrait, meaning that the cost would be $10 instead of landscape (which would make for 12 inches of blank space on the top and/or bottom of the poster).

For content that is not 36 inches wide on any side, you must request if you would like the submitted file scaled up so that it prints 36 inches wide. If your file’s size is 24 inches tall and 48 inches wide, we will print the poster with those dimensions unless requested to scale up the poster. In this example, the scaled up poster would be 36 inches tall and 72 inches wide. All cost calculations are based on the final, scaled size of the poster (in the preceding example, the scaled version would cost $30).

DACTS will not “cut down” posters that do not fill the 36-inch width. For example, if you printed a poster that was 30 inches tall and 40 inches wide, DACTS would not trim the additional 6 inches of white blank space off of the top (and/or bottom) of your poster. You may manually cut the poster if you would like. DACTS does have a 48-inch metal straight edge that can be used with a razor blade to cut down paper. Payment is due before you attempt to cut down a poster since, in all honesty, it is very easy for you to destroy a poster by cutting it down.


The intent for the printer is to support the work DACTS does as well as our work with many groups that frequently have need to draft or print research posters. However, DACTS will gladly print any poster—it doesn’t just have to be a research poster. Photographs, a tabletop map for a Dungeon & Dragons game, maps, event posters are all fine. Please review the Technical Printing Information above, however, to determine if the printer is suitable for your needs.

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