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Websites and Eportfolios

The resources here have been developed by the Digital ACT Studio for UNC Greensboro, and they’re divided into different types and purposes–either technical tutorials or presentations on how to craft this particular genre effectively. If you want a more comprehensive overview, we’ve also created a YouTube playlist of the most popular videos on this topic, available at

General Guidelines

When it comes to E-Portfolios there are a few big things you should always keep in mind.

  • A Hierarchy of Organization (and what it says about you)
    • What do you prioritize? Make sure what’s important comes first!
  • The 3-Click Rule
    • More than 3 subpages is TOO much! You should NEVER be more than 3 clicks away from the Home page.
  • DON’T Info Dump
  • Colors and Themes
    • How do you want to present yourself? How does your audience expect you to present yourself?
      • This is reflected in the colors, fonts, and graphics that you use.
  • Images
    • Quality is KEY
    • Pixelated or warped images undermine a professional presentation.

Examples & Links

Handouts & Tutorials

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