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The resources here have been developed by the Digital ACT Studio for UNC Greensboro, and they’re divided into different types and purposes–either technical tutorials or presentations on how to craft this particular genre effectively

General Guidelines

Podcasting is more than just sitting down and recording. Here are some things to make sure to keep in mind.

Before You Record (Pre-Production)

    • Outline your podcast. Every podcast should have an intro, body, and an outro. Look for appropriate music for your intro and outro.
    • If you’re interviewing someone, make sure to have questions and prompts for when there’s dead air.
    • Test your equipment and your environment for issues before you record.

During Recording (Production)

    • Make sure to be close enough to the microphone to be heard. You want to project your voice, but you don’t want to shout.
    • Mistakes are okay! Just keep going, because you can fix those mistakes in post-production.
      • If you do make a mistake, pause, and restart the response or question where the mistake was made. This way, it can be edited out much more smoothly.
    • Always leave your listeners with a call to action.

After Recording (Post-Production)

    • Use an audio editor to fix mistakes and smooth your audio. We suggest the FREE audio editor Audacity.
    • Use headphones to catch any and all audio issues.
    • Export as .mp3 or .wav file. Other file formats won’t be accessible to your audience.

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